Keep cat fines away from your engine

Cat fines remain the biggest threat to your engine, even when using the new compliant fuels. Due to cutting and blending processes at the refinery, some new fuels may have an even higher cat fine content than traditional HFO. Fortunately, there are opportunities to enhance cat fine removal – and maximize the protection of your engine.

Alfa Laval S separators

Compact and flexible, Alfa Laval S separators protect your engine and fuel economy by means of ALCAP® technology and more. They automatically adapt to the nature of the oil, which minimizes fuel losses and maximizes cat fine removal.

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Separation Efficiency Upgrade

Your existing Alfa Laval S separator can provide even more value and cat fine protection. Upgrading it with the latest-generation Alfa Laval disc stack boosts separation efficiency by up to 30%, giving you top performance according to Certified Flow Rate (CFR).


Alfa Laval fuel oil filters

High-speed separators do the primary job of removing cat fines from fuel. However, a filter is needed as a last protective barrier before the engine. Engine makers today recommend filters that remove particles down to 10 microns in size.


Alfa Laval FlowSync

Alfa Laval FlowSync synchronizes the separator feed with the engine load, eliminating excess pumping and providing more time in the separator bowl. The result is even better removal of cat fines, with increased energy efficiency as a bonus.