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Industrijsko hladilništvo

From freezing and cold storage cooling in industrial premises to refrigeration of ice rinks, Alfa Laval has the latest, energy efficient solutions. For the food industry we offer highly efficient air coolers that can be combined with plate heat exchangers. Applications range from cooling in slaughter houses and fish and meat processing areas, to climate control in storage rooms for fresh food.

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A solution for every application 

For storage of agricultural produce – vegetables, potatoes and fruit – Alfa Laval air coolers deliver a perfectly balanced capacity/air flow ratio and an optimal climate for every type of produce. For instance, Alfa Laval banana ripening coolers are used to optimize each phase of the sensitive ripening process.

In modern horticulture, flower-growing installations, for instance, use special Alfa Laval air heat exchangers for cooling and heating the air inside the greenhouse. These systems considerably improve both the quantity and the quality of production – while consuming less energy and reducing operating costs. 

New semi-welded gasketed plate heat exchanger for high performance and low energy consumption.

 Customer benefits 

New air coolers with application-led approach, creating optimal design for industrial applications. 

 Customer benefits 


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