Nadzor za generatorje sladke vode

Your vessel’s operation depends on new equipment performing as expected from the beginning. Commissioning by Alfa Laval protects your investment by making sure that your freshwater generator has a trouble-free start-up and achieves maximum uptime.

What we do

Following the installation of your freshwater generator, an experienced service engineer from Alfa Laval makes sure the equipment performs according to design specifications. The commissioning process provides a fast and smooth start-up to ensure that the production of fresh water is at optimal performance levels. This reduces the risk of unplanned downtime in the future.

Additionally, our specialist makes sure that operators are knowledgeable about the freshwater generator and completely understand the process and operation. Your crew’s increased understanding of the freshwater generator’s features minimizes the need for maintenance down the road. 

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  • Service engineers with Alfa Laval expertise
  • Smoother and faster process start-up
  • Safe operation by trained personnel
  • Increased operator awareness of the product and process
  • Lower maintenance requirements in the future due to more knowledgeable operators

Scope of service

Following installation, an experienced Alfa Laval specialist performs the commissioning process in five phases:

  • Pre-commissioning check of the entire installation:
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Controls
  • Start-up and process optimization
  • Performance test
  • Commissioning report
  • Training

Other 360° Service Portfolio services for your equipment

  • Cleaning Services for freshwater generators
  • Commissioning Supervision for freshwater generators
  • Condition Audit for freshwater generators
  • Exchange for freshwater generator plate packs
  • Performance Audit for freshwater generators
  • Preventive Maintenance for freshwater generators
  • Reconditioning for freshwater generators
  • Redesign for freshwater generators
  • Repair for freshwater generators
  • Replacement & Retrofit for freshwater generators
  • Service Kits for freshwater generators
  • Service Tools for freshwater generators
  • Spare Parts for freshwater generators
  • Training for freshwater generators
  • Troubleshooting for freshwater generators