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Producing complex protein-based drugs is an important and fast-growing sector for the biopharmaceutical industry. Manufacturing viral vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, glycoproteins, therapeutics and other drugs requires purpose-built systems for gentle but efficient fermentation, harvesting and purification. Successful production requires hygienic equipment that handles cells gently, eliminates the risk of contamination and maximizes yield.

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On the pulse of biotechnology manufacturing

Biopharmaceutical companies face challenges including evolving regulations and demands to constantly innovate and maximize yields. Alfa Laval helps overcome these challenges with state-of-the art biotech process knowledge and equipment that ensures hygienic processing, low cost of ownership and minimal contamination risks. Easily adapted to pilot scale and scale-up to commercial production, our equipment ensures safe, continuous and cost-effective production and contributes to increased production yields.  

  • Complete range of process equipment for gentle treatment that easily scales up from pilot units to full-scale production plants
  • Hygienic and reliable equipment for cGMP-compliant production backed by engineering experience, application knowledge, customized installation, full validation support and comprehensive documentation
  • Fully contained, easy to Clean-in-Place and easy-to-sterilize equipment for hygienic cell culture processes

Alfa Laval hygienic equipment is backed by the Alfa Laval 360° Service Portfolio to extend performance. Contact us

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