Preverjanje stanja pri PureBallast

Knowing the actual condition of your Alfa Laval PureBallast system helps you secure both uptime and environmental compliance. With the insights provided through an Alfa Laval Condition Audit, you can reduce your operating costs by optimizing performance and seeing that UV lamps and other wear parts are replaced during a planned stop – rather than an unplanned one.

What we do

We safeguard the functionality of your PureBallast system by thoroughly assessing its current condition. Our experts examine its integral components, inspecting the exterior for signs of wear and fatigue that may prevent safe and correct operation. While on board, our experts also take the time to inform you of best practices. After the audit, you receive a report containing all the findings and recommendations for any further actions. For even more complete control over your maintenance costs, you can incorporate the service into an Alfa Laval Performance Agreement.

Download service leaflet

Download service leaflet

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  • You prolong equipment lifetime and lower cost of ownership
  • You optimize your maintenance plans and budget
  • You secure performance and functionality
  • You prevent safety issues
  • Your system retains its type approval
  • You reduce operating and maintenance costs

Scope of service

Alfa Laval Condition Audits for PureBallast are always available in the port areas of Singapore, Shanghai, Rotterdam and Dubai, as well other locations by appointment. They comprise the following:

System audit

The condition of your PureBallast system is evaluated by an Alfa Laval expert with extensive PureBallast knowledge. The audit includes:

  • Inspection for corrosion/erosion damage
  • Inspection for leakage in reactor seals, UV lamps, filter seals and valves
  • Inspection of connections and attachments to the Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) unit, valves and power cables
  • Check of CIP pH values to ensure they meet requirements

The audit takes approximately four hours to complete.

Audit report

You receive a detailed report following the audit. The report includes:

  • Audit results
  • Sensor readings and critical data
  • Service and upgrade recommendations

Repair cost estimate  (if applicable)

If any repair needs are identified during the audit, a cost estimate for the repairs will be provided separately.

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