Beer Cooler

The Alfa Laval Beer Cooler is a pre-assembled beer cooler system for cooling green beer during transfer from fermentation to storage. The Beer Cooler can also be used for chilling final beer before filtration or transfer to stabilization tanks.

Beer Cooler 预装啤酒冷却系统-Beer Cooler pre-installed beer cooling system

The Beer Cooler ensures reliable cooling and chilling

  • A compact and sanitary beer cooler system keeps footprint to a minimum
  • Thanks to plate heat exchanger with easy-service Clip-On gaskets, the Beer Cooler is quick and easy to maintain
  • A sanitary flow switch stops the cooling process immediately if the beer flow stops to prevent freezing and prolong uptime
  • The beer cooler system comes pre-assembled on a skid and is factory tested before delivery
  • Designed for CIP and sterilization for easy and seamless operation and reduced downtime
The Beer Cooler is fully compliant with food industry regulations, all components in contact with process liquids are made of stainless steel with heat resistant seals.

The green beer or final beer is cooled in counter-current by a circulating coolant. An internal coolant recirculation pump is included in the beer cooler system, when required by the application. This will secure the smallest possible temperature difference between coolant and beer at all times. 

Any stoppage in the beer flow is detected by a sanitary flow switch, and the cooling is stopped immediately. 


Control System  

The Beer Cooler is supplied with a PID controller and relay panel to control the cooling operation. As the Beer Cooler can be supplied with PLC. Relevant process data displayed includes beer temperature and beer flow (when a flow transmitter has been included in the scope of supply)

Optional extras 

The Beer Cooler comes with a range of optional equipment

  • Integrated beer booster pump
  • Beer flow control using a frequency converter on beer booster pump
  • Remote I/O panel
  • Temperature indicator
  • Pressure indicator


You can read more about the efficiency, practicality and technical details of our Beer Cooler by downloading the brochure.


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