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The Alfa Laval ORCA Offshore fresh water generator is based on proven vacuum vapor compression technology generating high-quality and reliable water supply for offshore conditions. The system is only requiring electricity to drive the distillation process and is more robust than other technologies on the market. The ORCA is built for uptime with a compact and robust design, ensuring a long working life.

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Towards new efficiencies of fresh water generation

  • Reliable supply of high quality, ultra pure water
  • Installation flexibility and simple to maintain
  • Compact and robust design in high grade materials
  • Built for high capacities
The ORCA Offshore is the world´s most proven vacuum vapor compression freshwater generator. Built using titanium and other seawater resistant materials, the generators feature a simple, compact design that ensures long working life and low operation and maintenance costs. The process is robust and less sensitive to feedwater quality compared with other technologies on market ensuring a reliable source of high-quality water for both drinking and operational purposes.

Online troubleshooting

If your ORCA Freshwater Generator is challenging you, try out Alfa Laval’s new online troubleshooting tool. Alfa Laval online troubleshooting tool is an easy step by step guide directly in your device that will help you sort out your issues at any time of the day.

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How it works

The ORCA offshore series covers a capacity range of 20–120 m3/24h. The unit is designed to offshore standards and is delivered skid mounted and tested. It can also be customized to meet specific requirements. The ORCA Offshore series is optimized for use on board offshore drilling rigs and production facilities and has >300 operating references.

Basic equipment

Skid mounted and tested freshwater generator including titanium plate heat exchanger for combination evaporator and condenser, stainless steel distiller shell, air ejector, Feed water anti-scale chemical dosing unit, freshwater pump, Seawater supply pump, compressor and control panel with built-in freshwater quality monitoring system.

Additional equipment

Alfa Laval supply auxiliary systems such as:

  • Freshwater pH adjustment filter
  • UV sterilizers
  • Chlorination system
  • De-chlorination dosing system

The innovative technology

Fresh water is one of the main utilities required on board any offshore facility. Alfa Laval provides a range of solutions for converting seawater into fresh water. Alfa Laval equipment is designed for automatic operation with continuous control and monitoring of fresh water quality. Vacuum vapor compression plants are a simple, efficient method of producing a constant supply of high-quality fresh water for both drinking and process use. Using the vacuum distillation process, they convert seawater into fresh water using electricity, but with only minimal power consumption the process ensures fresh water with salinity levels below 2 ppm.

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Making operating and servicing simple!

ORCA Offshore computer based training (CBT) is a digital online/offline training tool that introduce the ORCA system layout and provide an overall understanding of how to operate the fresh water generator. The training allows you to explore and operate a 3D computer-simulated ORCA Offshore.

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Learn more

Read more about how to make Alfa Laval fresh water generator a key component your offshore operations and how you can benefit from a reliable source of fresh water by downloading the ORCA product leaflet.

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Ensuring uptime for your Alfa Laval freshwater generator 

Welcome to a webinar focusing on Alfa Laval´s ORCA Offshore freshwater generator and how our technology can provide you with high uptime for. We will present shortly the product range and zoom in on good operations and maintenance practice – to ensure high uptime.


Working with you to advance your process

If you are looking for ways to improve your supply of high-quality water, contact Alfa Laval today to learn more about our proven technology and cost efficient solutions.

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