Poglej: Separator za pivovarstvo z eDrive

Gentlest possible acceleration of the feed

Alfa Laval has been cooperating with brewers for many years to get more high-value quality beer with less overall investment. The edrive separation module for beer polishing is designed to clarify up to 250 hl/l beer after fermentation and maturation as well as for beer polishing.

The compact separation machine has a unique fully-hermetic design with bottom feed, higher separation efficiency and almost zero oxygen pick up. Power consumption is reduced by at least 25% for the same duty compared to conventional separators. 

The airtight design is achieved through a combination of a hollow spindle inlet, a hermetically sealed outlet and a separator bowl that is completely filled with liquid. The unique hollow spindle design ensures the gentlest possible acceleration of the feed. This contributes to increased separation efficiency and to avoid micronization, ensuring high yeast vitality and better beer filtration.


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