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Ponovno smo dokazali, da smo zanesljiv partner. Tokrat v nemškem kemičnem podjetju BSL Schkopau, kjer je Alfa Laval s takojšo dostava rezervnih delov skupaj s servisom BSL-ju prihranil več sto tisoč evrov, če že ne milijonov, katere bi lahko povzročila zaustavitev proizvodnje.

DATUM 2017-08-25

Quick Replacement and Repair performed by Alfa Laval 

Axel Geissler with BSL Schkopau is responsible for preventive maintenance at the plant. He has 24 years of experience working with Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers.

Speed is essential. During a two-day shutdown, Alfa Laval inspected the plate heat exchangers, found that a number of gaskets needed replacement, and carried out some repair work. Everything was completed within the two-day shutdown. 

When repair work is necessary, Geissler’s key interest is to avoid downtime. “If our chlorine plant is shut down, we cannot run the MC-3 plant either, which is connected in series,” he explains. “We are talking about millions of euros lost in one day of closed operations.” 

The best product is the one causing the least problems. The Alfa Laval heat exchangers we are using have proven to be very dependable over the years.” AXEL GEISSLER, BSL SCHKOPAU
The Alfa Laval heat exchangers we are using have proven to be very dependable over the years.”

Our extensive service portfolio offers all the services you need to ensure top performance,
maximum uptime and operating efficiency from your Alfa Laval equipment throughout its life cycle. Our team of experts and the availability of parts bring you peace of mind.

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BSL Schkopau is a chemical plant in Germany, belonging to the American Dow Chemicals Group. Plant operations include some 35 plate heat exchangers of various types.